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  Welcome Video

Welcome to 21 days to unhurryUp! Your Hustle course.

I'm so glad you're here. Take a listen to the welcome video below at the end - you'll be guided into a little exercise to begin practicing today. Then tomorrow, the first section on "pausing" will open up for you.

Feel free to comment about what you're learning and any questions you might have along the way.



May you learn to more deeply pause, pay attention, and play by the end of the next 21 days - or however long you choose to try out these practices. And, as always, if there is one exercise that is meaningful to you and helps you to be more centered and grounded and present in the moment, then feel free to keep practicing that one practice. Hopefully with all the variety presented here, you'll find something to help you unhurryUp! Your hustle.

You'll be able to jump into the first week of lessons about "pause" tomorrow - make sure you bookmark the course to access your lessons! Feel free to work through this at your own pace. There's no really...unhurryUp!